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Aswatouna – Our Voices. Elevating and Amplifying Women’s Voices in Iraq

Aswatouna (Our Voices) project is to empower women to participate equally as citizens and decision-makers by strengthening and expanding women’s voices in Iraq.

This programme is designed to improve gender equality and empower women in Iraq and will also contribute to Internews’ ongoing efforts globally to improve access to information as a root solution to enable women and men to make informed decisions, participate in dialogue and stand up for their rights. Strategic project objectives are:

1) Increase the capacity of journalists and CSOs to produce high quality inclusive content which is gender-sensitive , amplifies women’s voices, addresses women’s rights and gender equality and provides information which women need to make informed decision and choices and to actively participate in democratic and peace-building processes;

 2) Increase presence of women’s voices in the media and public debate;

3) Strengthen women journalists and CSO leaders’ resilience against and ability to protect themselves from gender-based digital attacks;

4) Support women’s empowerment by building their leadership opportunities in the media and information space; and 5) Inform and educate Iraqi women on their political and economic rights and the importance of women’s political and economic participation.